Annual Inspection For G-BOOB

The annual inspection of G-BOOB was carried out a couple of weeks ago by inspector Dave Groombridge. The inspection, more commonly known as a C of A (certificate of airworthiness), is similar to that of an MOT on your car.

The inspector will check all aspects of the balloon including the basket, the burner, the tanks, and will even do what is know as a grab test on the envelope of the balloon. This is where all the different colours of the fabric and the parachute are pinched between two clamps and then pulled to a certain weight ratio per square inch.

Thankfully BOOB passed with “flying” colours so we are all good to go for another year of flying!!

Phil’s Balloons will next be off to Metz for the balloon fiesta. We’ll be taking newly qualified pilot Chris Gingell’s hot air balloon and amazing graffiti’d trailer too. If you see us (you can’t miss our trailer!) then please do give us a beep of your horn or a wave hello!!

Testing the burner

Testing the burner

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